Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory Partners With Achieve Plant City To Offer Art Classes To Students



Students whose families receive literacy assistance from Achieve Plant City have the opportunity to attend free art classes run by the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory. Students work with artist Bryant Martinez to create beautiful works of art.

The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory has once again broadened its reach. Winthrop Arts began offering free art classes to students whose families receive services from Achieve Plant City in January.

Achieve Plant City was created to empower families and individuals to achieve success through education. It emphasizes family literacy. Children whose parents attend adult literacy classes at Achieve Plant City are eligible to participate in its after-school program. Once a month, these kids work with Bryant Martinez, Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory‘s lead art instructor, to create beautiful works of art.

Angelica Ibarra is the Executive Director of Achieve Plant City.

Ibarra said, “There are many reasons moms come to us for help. They are often frustrated because they cannot communicate with their child’s teacher or participate in medical care. They can’t make appointments, help with homework, or even understand their child’s report card.

In Achieve Plant City, children learn to read, write and speak, and they learn computer skills. Ibarra said: “We want to help everyone improve through literacy. “

She added, “Winthrop Arts has given our children an opportunity that has never been offered to them. I saw how art builds their self-esteem. At first they learned the basic techniques, but by the third class they were proud of their achievements. Seeing their faces was amazing.

The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory is a grant-funded program that provides free art classes to underserved children who live in southern and eastern Hillsborough County. The program is unique in that the instructors go to the children and teach the art lessons. This removes the barrier that many underserved children face by not being able to attend art classes outside of school.

Funding for the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory comes from the Hillsborough County Arts Council, Plant City Arts Council, and the Suncoast Credit Union.

Martinez said, “I love working with students in Mobile Art Factory classes. Their love of art and their creativity inspire me. We want all students to have the opportunity to dream, create and see the world through art.

Ibarra said: “The art classes have shown our students that there is much more they can do. I look forward to continuing the partnership with Winthrop Arts.

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