This museum’s interactive exhibit inspires children to appreciate art


When I was a child and we visited places with fragile things, my mother ordered me to “look with my eyes, not with my hands”. But the exact opposite is being encouraged in a new exhibition titled Ghosts, briefs and stars at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, where children are encouraged to play with iconic paintings.

There are no rules in the Haunted Mansion-style exhibit. Children are supposed to run and scream and put their dirty little hands all over the place. You know, exactly the sort of thing that would cause some sort of punishment under ordinary circumstances. In reality, Torafu Architects, who helped create the exhibit, said part of the purpose is to teach children the normal rules of a museum “paradoxically”. I don’t know if the kids will necessarily understand this, but it’s a good idea.

So, for example, there is an area behind the scenes, so that small children can climb through some of the paintings. Others have fun house mirrors. A few invite little hands to add things like googly eyes to a canvas of saying, Mona Lisa. Sometimes parents have to cheat on their kids to enjoy good things. It’s a very good scheme. [Torafu via FastCo]

The exhibition runs until September 8, 2013 in Tokyo. There are tons of insanely adorable images for a glimpse of what’s what. here.

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