Tatsuno Europe starts production in new state-of-the-art factory


A large part of Tatsuno dispensers are produced in Blansko, Czech Republic. These distributors are then distributed and installed throughout Europe and overseas, from Portugal to the former Soviet Union via several African countries. Italy is the biggest market; the other large countries are France, Austria, Slovakia and Russia. This is the reason why Tatsuno Europe decided to modernize and expand its factory to meet increasing customer expectations. Production in the renovated plant started on June 1, 2019.

Tatsuno Europe was founded in 1993 as a Czech company under the name “Benč” by two partners, Mr. ZdenÄ›k ÄŒernoÅ¡ek and Mr. Jaroslav Sehnal. One of the main suppliers of technology components to distributors was Tatsuno Corporation. Japanese management appreciated the superior quality of the products and were impressed with the low costs. Therefore, Tatsuno decided to enter Benč. They first acquired 30% of the shares and increased it by 70% in 2010. Benč changed the name to Tatsuno Europe and became an important part of the Tatsuno Corporation, now the world’s third largest manufacturer of distributors and its base. solid in Europe.

A modern manufacturing facility is one of the keys to success – you need to have a high-tech site and constantly improve standards to be among the best companies in the world. Tatsuno is well aware of this. Since the takeover in 2010, almost all of Blansko’s production has undergone major changes. The manufacturing technology has changed considerably, and today advanced equipment is used for a large number of operations. A modern paint salon with surface treatment operations reduced production costs, which positively impacted the price of the final product. The assembly line has been completely rebuilt. Now CNC machines are used in the factory, which simplifies processes for employees and increases production efficiency: Tatsuno expects a considerable time saving – about a third of the time required before the renovation.

One of the most modern distributor test stations has been integrated. The test laboratory includes two workstations, an external test section to verify the distribution of LPG and CNG and an internal workstation for the distribution of liquids. Operators are able to check the full range of racks, from conventional petrol, diesel, E85 and B100 alternatives to LPG and CNG gas.

The Blasko plant should look forward to a bright future. Although alternative fuels, particularly electric vehicles, are becoming increasingly popular, conventional fuels will continue to dominate the markets for at least the next twenty years. In 2017, Tatsuno Europe started a cooperation with a French designer. Together they are developing a new dispenser OCEAN TOWER which will be launched in the second half of 2019. The new dispenser is created especially for Tatsuno’s Western European customers who, in addition to the utility properties of a dispenser, also appreciate its design, the possibility of ease of transport and as well as the simple installation of payment terminals inside the vending machines.

OCEAN TOWER will be a new line of Tatsuno dispensers after the famous Ocean Euro dispenser line. Ocean Euro can supply not only standard liquid petroleum products, but also complementary fluids such as AdBlue, LPG and CNG – and do so simultaneously. The new modern hose retraction system with a reach of almost 5 m ensures comfortable refueling and easy handling of the hose. Dispensers are manufactured according to each customer’s individual orders with a wide range of options and accessories.

Main achievements of Tatsuno Europe in Blansko:

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Assembly time shortened by a third
  • Triple production capacity
  • New product line
  • Complete painting process including quality pretreatment
  • Increased storage capacities
  • Logistics optimization
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Better working environment

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