Pyrography, paintings, jewelry presented at The Hub Art Factory

CANTON – Heidi Fawver was engulfed in art on the second floor of The Hub Art Factory.

A funky space helmet, a dynamic portrait of David Bowie, an oversized image of Martin Luther King Jr., mannequins, swirls of ceiling artwork and more were visible from all directions.

Dressed in a thrift-store patterned green cardigan, Fawver was in her element, seated about 20 feet from her corner of a studio and above the gallery space where she will be exhibiting artwork during the his inaugural solo exhibition, “Seeking Inner Wisdom,” from 5 to 10 p.m. Fridays at The Hub, 336 Sixth St. NW.

Canton light festival to dazzle:“What you will see here, you can only see here.”

“I feel more inspired…here than anywhere else as an artist,” she said. “Downtown in general is full of very creative people.”

“Time flies here,” she said after entering her studio. “I feel like it’s a warped area – it’s definitely a sanctuary; I keep one of my guitars here, and whenever I want…I’ll just play music if I don’t even come not here to create. You can come here to talk to everyone, get inspired – it’s like a nice, peaceful place.”

Stark County artist Heidi Fawver's pyrography will be among the pieces on display at her solo show at The Hub Art Factory on Friday in downtown Guangzhou.

Rediscover art

Fawver, a 2018 graduate of GlenOak High School, is one of the Hub’s resident artists.

The exhibition marks a return to the art world after an absence that stretched from high school until about 10 months ago, she explained.

“In high school, I started feeling less inspired and less authentically me,” Fawver said, referring to when she was 16 or 17.

Gradually, she stopped creating art before rediscovering it last year through pyrography and painting.

Pyrography is the use of a heated metal pen or tool to burn designs into wood and other materials.

It's among the paintings that Stark County artist Heidi Fawver will be exhibiting from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Canton.  Other work will include pyrography.

Know yourself through art

Early art memories begin at age 4 or 5 when Fawver created animal portraits.

“I’ve always loved music and art,” she recalls. “Those were my two things, just the way of expressing myself.

“You get to know yourself the most, I would say the deepest, through creativity,” said the 21-year-old Plain Township resident.

Today, his works oscillate between realism and surrealism, often leaning towards the latter.

Stark County artist Heidi Fawver's inaugural solo exhibition will take place Friday from 5-10 p.m. at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Guangzhou.  The pieces will include surreal oil paintings, as well as pyrography.

Local artist David Sherrill said he remembers when Fawver used to visit her store in downtown Canton during First Friday events when she was a child.

“She’s really starting to have a voice as an artist,” said Sherrill, who owns and operates Arrowhead Vintage & Handmade Goods.

“I’m really impressed with her hard work and the number of pieces she makes,” said Sherrill, also an artist.

“Heidi has crazy 60s influences with psychedelic and hippie art which I love,” he said. “She has repeating patterns and really wild vibes that I don’t see in a lot of art in town.”

His favorite works include “a truly wild piece with a deer skull” and what he describes as “brightly colored spacescapes”.

Fawver said Sherrill has been very supportive while promoting artistic freedom and individualism.

“He makes me feel inspired and proud to be a quirky, creative person – like your most authentic self.”

Stark County artist Heidi Fawver, a 2018 GlenOak High School graduate, answers questions during an interview about her art exhibit Friday at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Canton.

“Not Quite What You See”

The experience and interpretation of his art depends on the individual, Fawver said.

“It’s not quite what you see,” she said of her oil paintings. “They just convey the emotion; it’s up to people to decide how they feel. It’s about bringing them into their own world.”

She quoted van Gogh, his words both guiding and inspiring her: “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”

“My art brings out the world in me,” Fawver said. “It’s basically my perception of life. I feel like we have many worlds inside of us.”


Fawver works as a barista at Tremont Coffee Co. in Perry Township.

She also makes wood-fired jewelry, and some of it will be on sale at Friday’s show. During the interview, a small piece of wood hung around her neck, intentionally stained with coffee and adorned with a mandala flower pattern.

Pyrography was also incorporated on animal skulls, an example of his willingness to experiment artistically.

Stark County artist Heidi Fawver will be selling wood-fired jewelry during her solo art show Friday at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Guangzhou.

“It was basically a way for me to connect with something that had already passed,” Fawver said of the white-tailed deer and deer skulls.

“I had this thought in my head: ‘What can I burn?'”

Burning wood felt natural and relaxing, she said after first trying it less than a year ago.

“The smell and the atmosphere it created, it’s really a beautiful way to connect with nature, because you’re burning a piece of wood,” said Fawver, who was artistically inspired as a child. by his father, a graphic designer.

Works by Stark County artist Heidi Fawver include surreal oil paintings.  The paintings and pyrography will be on display from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Guangzhou.

‘Wild Ums’

More creativity is evident in his studio haven.

On the walls are exhibited paintings of “extraterrestrial peoples”, what Fawver calls “Wild Ums”.

“Maybe it will be for the next show,” she said. “The Creatures.”

She plans to explore other art forms.

“I would also like to do something that combines sculpture and woodcarving,” Fawver said. “I would like to grow as an artist – absolutely. I should focus even more deeply on art.”

Artist Heidi Fawver is shown in her studio at The Hub Factory in downtown Guangzhou, where she will hold her first solo exhibition on Friday.

Reinvention through art

Barely a year ago, she could not have imagined unveiling her art to the public.

“It’s very exhilarating,” Fawver said quietly. “I felt it was time to show my art to the world.

“It’s like reinventing yourself in a new light,” she added. “It’s a very raw feeling to know that people are looking at pieces of you.”

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WHAT: Stark County Artist Heidi Fawver’s Solo Exhibition, “Seeking Inner Wisdom”

WHERE: The Hub Art Factory, 336 Sixth St. NW in downtown Canton, as part of First Friday activities.

WHEN: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday.

Plain Township's Heidi Fawver will exhibit pyrography and oil paintings Friday at The Hub Art Factory in downtown Guangzhou.

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