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local artists Orson Heidrich and Jarryd Lynagh have teamed up to organize Signal at the Cube, a monthly series of installations in a concert hall, Oxford Art Factory.

The electric duo (the solemn expressions in the image below mask an infectious friendliness) kicked off the premiere of their public lineup on April 3.

Aiming for an instant, eye-catching and visceral punch, it’s no surprise the pair tapped into the playful art of demand. Deacon Rosie to kick off his vision.

This is the second time Orson and Rosie have worked together this year. In January, they collaborated on an installation at Mona Foma, the festival of the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart.

To select material for the Cube, Orson and Jarryd visited Rosie’s studio in Dulwich Hill and delved into its voluminous and kaleidoscopic archive. A collection of familiar, biomorphic shapes blend together to form a surreal, comical realm.

Deacon grew up in regional communities such as Bathurst and Wagga Wagga. While looking for her 3 pet rabbits one day, she discovered that they had been eaten by a snake. Nature is brutal.
Yes, it has a name. Call it Platy-roo-tucker-bag.

Rosie’s work can be seen at Oxford Art Factory until April 20. In May, she flies to Varberg, Sweden, for her first international commission. At the gallery Varbergs Konsthall, she will have 2 weeks to create her entire Perfect Vacation show from scratch on site. No pressure!

Jarryd Lynagh (left) and Orson Heidrich

To follow @signal____ for news on all upcoming artists and opening nights at Le Cube. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

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