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A teenage girl from Devonport is channeling her creativity in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic to spread safety messages. Victoria Simms, 16, drew to share her admiration for her sisters’ work during the crisis as nurses in Queensland and to remind her 85-year-old English grandmother of the importance of staying indoors . “It was more of something to do while everyone was freaking out, I wanted to keep my head straight. I find everything a bit too much that we are quarantining for safety because my mom is at high risk.” “I wanted to be more creative and my mom is an artist, so I was inspired by her.” One of her drawings encourages people to wash their hands while another shows her calling on her grandmother to stay inside. Depending on the design, Victoria said it could take up to 15 minutes to plan her design and up to three hours to draw it digitally on her tablet. “I like digital drawing because it’s easier to erase and although you have more control over the paper, I like all the colors,” she said. Victoria posts her work on Instagram at @secludedanddeluded



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