New mosaic public art work debuts in Reston


Passers-by may notice a new mosaic art installation outside the Lincoln at Wiehle Station.

After facing delays due to COVID-19, artist Valérie Théberge expects the brightly colored piece of glass tile to be completed by the end of today (May 13).

The project was commissioned in coordination with Lincoln developers and ultimately approved by Public Art Reston. It consists of two pieces – a bench and a 75-foot-long wall, according to Theberge.

When designing the geometric art, Theberge said she wanted it to “harmonize” with the surrounding area.

“There are red highlights on the building, so we added red highlights to play with the building,” she said, adding that the geometric shapes “also spoke with the architecture”.

For the community, Theberge hopes people enjoy the art as they pass the building on an afternoon stroll or on their commute to work. “I wanted something that you could watch over and over again,” Theberge said.

Especially since people cannot visit museums during the pandemic, Theberge said public works of art are more important than ever for people’s mental health and overall enjoyment.

Photo courtesy of Valérie Théberge

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