Merseyrail stations display works of art by young railroad enthusiasts

Young railroad enthusiasts Sam and Matthew began drawing pictures of trains they had traveled on or as during the period of the pandemic’s early lockdown.

Community Rail Lancashire and Merseyrail congratulated young rail enthusiasts and their families for their amazing train designs.

The designs were turned into Dibond panels, which are now on display at Hillside and Birkdale stations.

Simon Clarke of Community Rail Lancashire was surprised the family surprised the family when he presented the boys with a Dibond panel of their own artwork to put up at home.

Sally Ralston, Community Involvement Manager at Merseyrail, said: “We were delighted that Matthew and Sam had drawn such beautiful train images, including very detailed of our Merseyrail trains and we were delighted to have examples of their work. in two of our stations. “

“We hope this can inspire others to become ‘Creative at Home’. “

Marion Atkinson, President of the West of Lancashire Line Community Rail Partnership, said: “It was during one of our virtual partnership meetings that their father Stephen Benge mentioned that his boys had pulled a lot of trains (and we mean a lot) and we wanted to celebrate their accomplishments as the detail and variety of train types is amazing.

Richard Watts, President of Community Rail Lancashire, said: “The colorful trains on display have been carefully selected to reflect their creative talents at home. “

“We were delighted that there are young people who love their trains so much that they were able to draw their favorites, even at a time when they couldn’t actually travel by train.

“Fortunately, everything has changed now and they are back on the train and we hope people will enjoy these designs in the stations afterwards.”

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