Live Review: Lime Cordiale + Annie Hamilton – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (08.07.20)


Isolation has obviously dried up the live music scene in recent months, leaving audiences thirsty for their concert. But last night, the Oxford Art Factory’s taste buds were softened with a tall glass of Lime Cordiale as the Sydney band played one of their sold-out concerts to celebrate their upcoming album.

Coronavirus regulations meant these concerts would be quite different from how fans have viewed them in the past: an intimate seated performance very different from the sweaty masses writhing on their Robbery tour last year. It would be a Lime Cordiale experience like no other.

Opening the evening, Annie Hamilton, who plays for Jack River in particular. Alone on stage with just her guitar, Annie warmed up the crowd dotted around small candlelit tables with tracks from her eponymous EP and offered listeners a preview of her album in progress with tunes like ‘Rosemary’. Annie’s performance was jaded but perfect for the atmosphere of the dive bar as people had drinks and scribbled on their paper tablecloths with the pencils provided. A real slow ease in the music to come.

Lime Cordiale is known to deliver an energizing performance like hell, which has caused concern while sitting. As the five-piece group took the stage and launched their track with “Money,” the seat wiggled and the tunes struggled in the audience.

They teased the songs of their next outing 14 steps to improve yourself, with “No plan to make plans” being a highlight. The COVID-adapted track featured Oli Leimbach on tenor saxophone (Oli is also known to bypass a clarinet solo every now and then) and Louis Leimbach repubularizing a kazoo solo, and frankly, it was wild.

As the frontmen brothers have said, the speakeasy format reminded them of their first gigs at venues where no one would know their music, but only this time people bought those hot tickets to actually hear them play.

And it was obvious that the crowd was more than your average Lime Cordiale fans, with every word sung to the band amid requests for songs that sparked a short band reunion. Audiences requested their triple j Like A Version of ‘I Touch Myself’ but it was ultimately turned down for ‘On Our Own’. We were there for a new track album launch after all.

To end the evening, they ended the show with a reminder of “Inappropriate Behavior” and “Robbery” which saw the audience’s chair routines take effect. The wine and dine concert ended too quickly but will certainly not be forgotten any time soon.


14 steps to improve yourself releases July 10.

LIME CORDIALE: Speakeasy live album

FULL tickets.

From Monday July 6 to Wednesday July 15
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Tickets: Official website

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