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Illinois Art Station and Artolution, an international non-profit organization, have partnered with the City of Bloomington for a 2019 Bloomington Youth Mural Project. Running 9 am to noon June 3-7 with a youth workshop on Friday May 31, the program offers McLean County youth the opportunity to create a community-themed public art project at the intersection of Market Street and Morris Avenue where thousands of residents experience it each day.

The Bloomington Youth Mural Project will feature a group of local youth, who will imagine, design and paint their own community mural. The project will be led by Joel Bergner, co-founder of Artolution and native of Bloomington-Normal, who travels internationally to create public art with young people from diverse and unique communities. On Sunday June 9 at noon, the community, including family and friends of participants, will be invited to attend a closing ceremony, during which the mural will be unveiled to the public.

IAS director Isra El-beshir called the collaboration between the Illinois Art Station (IAS) and Artolution “natural.” IAS provides transformative learning for all children, youth and their families through hands-on experiences in the visual arts. While Artolution empowers communities through collaborative public art initiatives that engage communities in creative experiences to promote healing, resilience and positive social change. “We are delighted to partner with Artolution and the City of Bloomington to provide our young people with a space to create meaningful public art,” said El-beshir. “We want to empower young people in transformative ways and inspire them to tell their stories. “

“Creating places through public art is a powerful way to engage the community in both creating and reflecting our local culture in a sustainable way. It’s projects like this that give the West Side its amazing and sustainable character and help make it a neighborhood where all kinds of people want to live, work and play, ”said Alderman Scott Black.

Artolution invites local artists to participate in the mural as an opportunity to be initiated into their methodology of supporting young people in the creation of collaborative public art projects. Each artist will receive a copy of the Artolution Project Implementation Guide and participate in a series of information sessions hosted by Bergner.

To apply: To submit an application, apply here (, or call to apply with Peggy Finnegan-Boyes at (309) 438-0882. Applications must be completed before Thusday, May 16, 2019.

This project was made possible by the mayor’s office for the city of Bloomington, Illinois.

For more information on this program, please contact [email protected] or call (309) 438-4444.


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