Farewell to the Wicker family – the complex’s well-known artwork is falling apart


Felixstowe bids farewell to one of his most popular families, who is starting to go their separate ways.

The Wicker Family, a popular piece of public art, is falling apart – and a new piece needs to be commissioned to replace it.

Councilors should consider ordering a new or similar version of the Wicker family or something completely new and different for the spa gardens, to be paid out of a £ 10,000 project fund.

Felixstowe Forward change director Helen Greengrass said the four figures and a willow dog started to deteriorate fairly quickly, although they lasted much longer than expected.

The family – decorated or donated clothing by residents to mark various celebrations – was created by artist Tracy Barritt-Brown and unveiled at Art on the Prom in 2016.

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Former Mayor Doreen Savage said the work has been seen and enjoyed by many over the past four years, while Councilor Mike Deacon, also a former mayor, and Councilor Seamus Bennett both spoke out in favor a replacement artwork.

Councilor Steve Wiles said it was a shame to see the part disappear and wondered if a replacement could be made of metal to increase its longevity.

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