Egyptian Artist Appreciates Culture of Art Appreciation in South Africa

Hala Ahmed is grateful that there is greater interest in art among South African audiences than there is in Egypt.

The young painter likes to paint portraits, landscapes and expressionist pieces.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, the artist who goes by the name Hala Hany Farid in her work and on social media, was among the members of the Randburg Art Society when the group recently exhibited at Ferndale on Republic.

“I sell more sketches than paintings because paintings cost more and people find it hard to buy them these days,” she said.

She said that since the coronavirus hit and the lockdown was instituted, people aren’t buying art as much as they used to.

However, the situation is better in South Africa than elsewhere.

“I come from a great country with a history of art, but normal people don’t buy art like they do here. I wish my home country offered more opportunities for artists to show their work. I’m very happy here in South Africa, normal people like to have art at home.

Ahmed said that in Egypt, art was considered a luxury good that only the richest could enjoy.

“Now, since the coronavirus, things are difficult for artists, but we have to stay positive and do our best.”

Ahmed graduated in Fine Arts from Mansoura University, Egypt in 2007. Since then, she has exhibited and sold her work in different salons, galleries and workshops in several countries.

She has worked with charcoal, oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors and even digital art.

She can be followed on Instagram at hala.hanyfarid or on Facebook at Hala Hany Farid.

The group will be at Ferndale on Republic again the last weekends of September and October and will be participating in World River Cleanup Day at the Delta Café on September 17th.

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