East Dundee Police move to state-of-the-art post



The devil was in the details for Chief Constable Terry Mee when it came to planning the new state-of-the-art East Dundee Police Station.

Unlike the old department facility, which was attached to the village hall, the newly renovated neighboring building offers a fitness center, kitchen, and space for agents to rest between shifts. Specific rooms are designated for interviews, reservations and reports.

And some of the less obvious features – duress buttons and audio and video recording capabilities – provide better safety and security throughout the $ 3.9 million facility.

“The difference between the two (facilities) is like night and day,” Mee said, noting that at 11,300 square feet, the new space is three times the size of the original. “We want to make sure he’s here for the long haul.”

The department’s 13 full-time and six part-time agents moved into the new Third Street station about four weeks ago, Mee said.

“I wonder if any of them are shocked,” he said. “They now have everything you would want in a state of the art building.”

Exterior and interior signage is expected to be installed in a few weeks, Mee said, when a grand opening and open house will take place.

New to this facility also include separate changing rooms for men and women, a place to store and clean weapons and an area to store evidence.

A kiosk at the main entrance, which identifies the amount of energy saved by the LEED-certified building, may soon allow residents to pay citations.

Additionally, a training room with movable furniture and projection capabilities allows the department to host presentations, as well as physical and tactical training sessions, Mee said.

East Dundee Police Chief Terry Mee walks past one of the holding cells at the new state-of-the-art 11,300-square-foot, $ 3.9 million police station.
– Laura Stoecker | Staff photographer

“We never really had a training space designed the way I wanted,” he said. “It’s a unique piece. You can do it all here. “

While agents are delighted with the new facility, Mee said it is beneficial for the entire community. Affected residents can speak to an officer in the Citizen’s Orderly Room without being overheard.

Witnesses can be interviewed in a safe and comfortable space.

“To be able to ensure the privacy and safety and security of our residents,” he said, “that’s important.


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