Duloch Spiderman surprised by a special work of art


The Duloch Spiderman was caught off guard without his disguise last week when Calaiswood School presented him with a memorable piece of art.

Dave Roper’s incredible fundraising efforts have raised £ 27,000 for the school which provides special education to children aged three to 18.

With this money, they were able to purchase an iPad for each classroom, outdoor storage units, sensory equipment and a permanent outdoor awning so that wheelchair users can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Now their efforts are focused on raising £ 36,000 for an Innowalk Pro that will allow users with limited movement (ages 13 to adulthood) to experience the benefits of greater activity; including improved sleep, better mood, improved focus, muscle strength, core strength, and standing endurance.

Calaiswood manager Laura Spence told reporters: “We are really proud of Spiderman’s efforts and while there will never be enough way to thank him, we wanted to give him something personal.

“The best way was to give it something from the students so that two of the kids, including Dave’s son, worked with our art teacher to create something creative.

“The artwork is a momentum that means a lot to us and I think it means a lot to Dave as well.

“It’s a significant amount of money that has now been raised and we have spent some of that money, but we are working to get a huge amount of equipment that will have such an impact on our students.

“It will be really out of this world and will also benefit other children in the community who need it.”

The presentation of the artwork was a special moment for Dave who was inspired to help Calaiswood where his son Liam is dating.

“It was a total surprise to receive this work of art and it was a bit of a shock when I saw a press photographer there!” Dave said.

“Liam did it with the help of his friend Jessica, which is even more special to me because he’s never had a best friend before.

“It went straight to my wall to be admired.

“I always fundraise and do a lot of raffles which bring in around £ 400 per week so the money recharges quickly.

“It will be so great to be able to get this equipment for the students and the community at large.”

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