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For the past two years, live music across the country has been siled into our own states. Now that the borders have reopened, groups can finally get back on the road and tour everywhere. When the Perth Band death by denim playing Oxford Art Factory, all of that will change.

For the past two years, the indie psych rock band have been locked behind the iron border of Western Australia. In a recent interview with city ​​hub Death By Denim frontman Nik Iliadis discussed the inspiration behind the band’s name, their musical influences, their new approach to music-making, and the excitement within the band for the upcoming tour on the East Coast.


Given the band’s unique name, we had to ask Nik where this idea came from. In response, Nik explained that it was guitarist Palle Mazzulla’s fashion sense in college that led them to take the name Death By Denim.

“During our freshman year of college, Palle would wear triple denim or just too much denim for someone doing a law degree. A friend of his told him he was ‘killing the denim’ for them, so everything immediately Death By Denim sounded like a cool name for a band.

From then on, the bond between Nik and Palle formed and slowly began to solidify as they wrote music together. As Nik and Palle’s relationship began to cement, they quickly realized that they would need a few more musicians to complete the band and luckily they were able to add people quite organically.

“The band grew really organically,” Nik recalls. “Palle had a mate, George, who played bass and keyboards, so he came on board straight away. Then George had a friend, Hamish, who played drums. Honestly, it all fell into place. place in a few weeks.


While the band members naturally came together, blending their various musical influences was time consuming but also incredibly exciting.

According to Nik, “everyone had a lot of different ideas” when they got together. For example, “Palle was a big fan of 80s hair metal. I was more into Brit-rock or R&B. George liked a mix of everything. Then, Hamish is into more riff-rock like Royal Blood for example. Blending all of these influences and inspirations is what sets Death By Denim apart from all others in the Australian music landscape.


Death By Denim’s new record Lunar Bow is a fantastic showcase of this new sound. Not only is this record uniquely Death By Denim, but the sheer joy the band felt during the recording process also shines through in the music.

“When we walk into the studio there are all kinds of different sounds flying around,” Nik recalls when asked if it was exciting trying to distill all of their influences into their own sound. “It’s definitely exciting…especially now that George and Hamish have also started to make their mark, it’s been a good change for the music.”

With Lunar Bow the group also took on a new approach to recording which saw them spend more time ruminating over the music rather than immediately releasing songs in the wild. This change was both a conscious decision and a decision imposed by the current state of the world. A look back at the creative process of Lunar Bow Nik said: “Having the time to record and then sit down with songs and come back to re-record if needed was really nice to have…I think in the future we’ll be spending more as well. time in the studio instead of just creating songs in a short time.”


In terms of creative inspiration for Lunar Bow the pandemic environment also throws curveballs at Death By Denim.

“It was harder to write this new record because we weren’t able to do much,” Nik explained. “We didn’t want to write about sitting at home in isolation. We wanted to find something cool to write, so once we were able to tour WA last year, we got our juices back.


As they now prepare to get the creative juices flowing by heading to the East Coast for a series of live shows, Nik said they’re all “very excited.” In particular, Death By Denim are delighted to play at the Oxford Art Factory.

“Even though we went on tour almost exactly a year ago, I feel like it’s been so long. We haven’t been to places like Sydney and Melbourne for so long. Our last gig in Sydney was at Lansdowne, which Palle said was one of her favorite gigs.While we love Perth and WA, we can’t wait to get back on track and play with our East Coast fans.

For East Coast fans planning to attend a Death By Denim show, Nik said they can expect to see them “have a great time on stage and bring some energy” to the show. Oxford Art Factory.

“A lot of our songs are a little soft, so a lot of people who have never seen us before but listen to us on Spotify are surprised by our live show. As part of the live, we bring the songs to life with a lot of singing moments and stuff like that. It’s just an inclusive good time!”

April 1st. Oxford Art Factory, 38/46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $30.09+bf Tickets and information:

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