Charlie Swales from Stanton delivers artwork around the village


A talented 11-year-old painter brought smiles to the people of Stanton by delivering his works of art to the village.

Charlie Swales started drawing at the age of four with his father, Keith, 37, and his talent has now developed into acrylic painting.

Proud mum Lindsey, 34, said Charlie spent hours with a brush in hand on the family’s veranda – which has been converted into his own art room.

Charlie, who is a 5th grade student at Stanton Community Primary School, has even delivered his work in the village, near Bury St Edmunds, following requests.

Charlie started drawing with his father at the age of four

Lindsey said: “He started drawing with his dad when he was about four years old. Then he started painting and so we gave him all the equipment he wanted, and he really embraced it.

“He does a lot of art in school, they put him in competitions and things.

“He can do a painting in about half an hour when you’re right there looking at him. He watches a lot of Bob Ross tutorials, and he’s really used to doing landscapes.

“He loves to paint for friends, then their fathers ask for it, and the old people and he loves knocking on their door to bring them to them and see them happy. He loves it.”

Charlie drew his dad Keith for Father's Day.

Charlie drew daddy Keith for Father’s Day.

Charlie is also an avid footballer, which contrasts with the serenity of his art room.

The youngster plays for the Walsham Warriors and has recently started playing for Bury Town and the Puma Academy.

“It’s like one extreme to the other,” Lindsey said.

“One minute he’s on the football field tearing up, and then he sits down with his brush in his hand doing all these little details. It’s completely different from the ends of the spectrum. It’s crazy.”

Charlie Swales paints from his home in Stanton, near Bury St Edmunds

Some of Charlie’s artwork
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

Lindsey said aspiring painter Charlie would like to pursue a career in art as he grows up.

“If he can’t be a professional footballer, he absolutely wants to do it,” Lindsey added.

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