Banksy confirms new Bristol artwork on Instagram


Bristol’s elusive street artist Banksy confirmed a fresco in the city is his latest work.

The world-famous artist posted a photo of the creation on his official website and Instagram page this afternoon on December 10.

Residents of Vale Street in Totterdown say the photo appeared early this morning (Thursday, December 10).

A protective plastic covering has now been placed over it by the home’s former tenant, Fred Loosmore, who moved out last week.

Crowds gathered to see the creation, which appeared on the side of a paired, all afternoon.

The painting appears to show an old woman sneezing with her false flying teeth, and the force of the sneeze is such that the houses, which are on Britain’s steepest street, appear to be overturned.

Fred added: “There is a large walk-in closet on the other side.

“We have a furniture business, so we take a big piece of acrylic plastic off to cover it. Obviously, things like this can go downhill and we don’t want that to happen. “

Fred said he wasn’t sorry for moving: “I can always come and see him, can’t I?

“I can not believe it.”

Dale Comley lives on the street and said he spotted someone who looked “out of place” on the street early this morning.

He said: “I got up, made coffee, looked out the window and noticed someone in a hi-vis jacket.

“I thought it was very early for someone to get up to start working on scaffolding.

“He looked quite out of place but looked at it a lot [the art work] All the time.”

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