Artworks created by students of the Winthrop Arts mobile art factory are on display at Krazy Kup



Frank Trunzo (left), owner of Krazy Kup in Plant City, graciously offered to provide a space for children’s artwork from the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory to display their artwork. The work was created by students and art teacher, Bryant Martinez (right).

Students at the Winthrop Arts mobile art factory in Plant City, along with senior art instructor Bryant Martinez, created two large works of art consisting of multiple paintings on canvas. The work is on display at Krazy Kup, located at 101 EJ Arden Mays Blvd. in historic downtown Plant City.

Krazy Kup is owned and operated by Frank and Wenda Trunzo. The paintings are in the newly renovated Krazy Kup courtyard. The two pieces are a series of self-portraits of the children in the program. Each is unique and beautiful.

Frank said: “The courtyard and the art wall are a platform for artistic minds to showcase their talents. It is extremely important. Fortunately, we have a great location. He added: “Usually with artists you can’t exploit them. This is one of their motivations for showing their work in public.

The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory is a grant-funded outreach program that provides free art classes to underserved children living in communities such as Plant City. Funders for the program include the Hillsborough County Arts Council and the Suncoast Credit Union.

Winthrop Arts has partnered with Hispanic Services Council since February 2018. The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory works in collaboration with The Red de Padres Activos (Active Parents Network) of the Hispanic Services Council, a unique initiative to help Latino parents secure educational success. of their children now and throughout their lives.

Annabel Saavedra is the Community Coordinator for the Hispanic Services Council in Plant City.

Saavedra said of the Mobile Art Factory program and the art on display: “The community embraces art as expression. By engaging in art, children show their creativity and have an outlet to present their ideas. By doing it with others who share their interests, [it] helps develop friendships and allows children to flourish socially. Parents also benefit from this formation of social circles and bonds. This child-to-parent effect is how communities build trust and inclusion among members. The Red de Padres program hopes that the use of art will help the Hispanic circle to thrive and develop.

Winthrop Arts is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that also offers art classes to students, teens, and adults at their arts education studio known as the Art Factory, located at 11267 Winthrop Main St. in Riverview. For more information, please visit


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