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Here iis an app for all fine art students returning to school. Art is an extremely vital part of the fabric of society. It keeps the world interesting and can serve as a mirror for society to see itself. Without art, civilization would lack the foundation of culture and an asset of crucial importance to science and technology. Unfortunately, for the common individual, the art world is very small and too exclusive. The Artlery app aims to solve this problem. Their goal is to help anyone appreciate art.

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Here is the basic summary of Artlery’s approach. First of all, there is an art gallery that works with artists to get their works listed in the app. They then set up what is called an initial public offering. This public offering is in fact a gift from the artist to the community. This means that anyone with the app who enjoys the piece, or anyone who visits at least the gallery, gets a percentage of the profit from the sale. This means that you are not only a patron of the gallery, but also a stakeholder in the piece that is being sold. If it’s mes later resold, you can continue to earn money with the artist.

The purpose of this app is not limited to profit however. Once youI enjoyed this piece of art, you can share it on Facebook and earn more appreciation points. This benefits the artist by allowing his work to be seen by people all over the world on social media. Artlery has a number of early trials underway, including a pop-up gallery at the Payne Mansion Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Artlery is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Visit their site for more information.

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