Art piece created by students of the Winthrop Arts mobile art factory on display to the public in Wimauma



Gloria Castillo (left), on behalf of her family who have run Garcia Bakery in Wimauma for over 25 years, is happy to accept a unique large-scale work of art created by artist Bryant Martinez (right) and the students of Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory.

Students at the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory in Wimauma, along with Senior Art Instructor Bryant Martinez, created a large canvas which is on display at Garcia’s Bakery located at 5805 SR 674 in Wimauma.

Garcia’s Bakery is a family business that has been in Wimauma for over 25 years.

Cesar Esparza is the director of operations.

Esparza said: “Garcia’s Bakery is a small family bakery. It started with my grandparents, moved to my parents and now it’s mostly run by me and my cousin, Bricelda. Since opening in March 1993, we have devoted our time and sweat to making everything home-made and as traditional as possible. We’ve opened at 5 a.m. every morning for 27 years to fill the bellies of the early farm workers. These workers are our neighbors in our small community.

Esparza added, “The idea of ​​having artwork made by our clients’ children on our walls is amazing. It shows that the bakery is not only a family business, but also how supported we are by our wonderful neighbors and their families. Riding their art can show how grateful we are to these longtime patrons. We wish them the best for their health in these difficult times and hope to see more growth in the young minds of our community. “

The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory is a grant-funded outreach program that provides free art classes to underprivileged children living in communities such as Wimauma. Funders include the Hillsborough County Arts Council and the Suncoast Credit Union. Since its creation in 2018, the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory has operated in partnership with Hispanic Services Council.

Maria Garavito, Project Director for Hispanic Services Council, said, “The main goal of our program is to help Hispanic parents build support networks as they learn to navigate the school system in this country. Winthrop Arts is an ideal complement to our program because while staff work with parents to better help their children succeed academically, children have the opportunity to express themselves and make personal connections with other children. through the language of art.

Winthrop Arts is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. In addition to running the Mobile Art Factory, he offers art classes for children, teens and adults at the Art Factory, as well as summer camps and art festivals. For more information, please visit


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