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Want magnificent art? Do you want to immerse yourself in ancient and contemporary cultural symbols? Looking for a place to take cool Instagrams? The Los Angeles County Museum of Art may be the place for you.

LACMA is one of the largest art museums in the West. Its vast collections include almost all forms of art, from sculptures, paintings, jewelry, photographs and even music.

I noticed the beautiful architecture as soon as I entered the museum premises. The infamous “city lights” stood just outside a peaceful garden with a small path surrounded by Rodin statues. As I walked up the stairs, I could see the different LACMA buildings, all beautiful.

LACMA has a number of exhibits, including Renaissance paintings and sculptures, contemporary American photography, South and Southeast Asian art, and many more. As I browsed the exhibits, I noticed the familiar names of artists such as Picasso, Renoir and Monet.

Outside I could see Heizer’s famous “levitating mass” that has appeared on social media so often. This is a large-scale sculpture where a gigantic boulder hangs over a trench that visitors can walk through. People love to pose in a way that looks like they’re holding the rock.

LACMA also offers weekly concerts. LACMA Hosts Latin sounds, where musicians from Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and others perform on Saturday afternoons from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Sundays see also LACMA accommodation Sunday Live, which features the best emerging musicians from around the world for free.

Best of all, on certain days and hours, LACMA is completely free. After 3 p.m., Los Angeles County residents can visit the museum for free. Admission is also free on the second Tuesday of each month and certain federal holidays, including Martin Luther King Day and Memorial Day.

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