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The newly painted indoor badminton stadium in the city of Tuensang. (Photo by Morung)

Moses Hongang Chang
Tuensang | April 15

Traveling to the most remote part of Nagaland from Kohima and Dimapur, passing through many towns and villages, through bad roads and dense forests is a tough journey. But once people enter Tuensang Town, they are greeted by a beautifully designed indoor badminton stadium.

Built in 1999, the stadium has undergone a lot of renovations, but the newly painted building is the best choice among them all.

The Tuensang District Badminton Association (TDBA) through its annual registration and monthly fees among badminton players could only afford to pay the electricity and generator bills and pay for refreshments for the players.

They planned to paint the building, but due to lack of funds, they contacted the Tuensang District Administration for a fundraiser.

The Deputy Commissioner raised the issue at a DPDB meeting and urged all CEOs to donate to the cause.

Eventually an amount of Rs 1,63,500 was collected. Other contributions also came from TDBA, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) and a few individuals. The expense incurred was around Rs 1,80,000.

Once funds were raised, Kohima’s “Project 72 Hrs” was employed to carry out the painting work which included beautifying the wall of the DC bungalow, indoor badminton stadium and the House circuit.

District Fisheries Officer Tuensang Rongsenkumzuk, who is also the chairman of TDBA, said, “It was everyone’s collective effort. We owe our gratitude to District Administration staff, HOD contributors, TDBA members, BBBP and the general public. It wouldn’t have been possible without their help. If we come together and decide to do something, we can do bigger things in the future as well. “

He further deplored the financial constraint on sport and called on the government to focus on the development of sport.

“We want to provide proper guidance for the younger generation and we do our best to make ends meet, but the little money we raise is only enough for light bills, ground repairs, etc. Once we take the players for an inter-district tournament. it is difficult to adapt when playing in a carpet court. We need carpet and the existing parquet is also in poor condition. The LADP fund or other programs will help there, ”he said.

He added that the responsibility of keeping the stadium neat and clean is a collective responsibility. He urged people not to vandalize the infrastructure.

“Project 72 Hrs is a group of young talents and we are grateful to them. They have devoted their time and energy, which I am sure is also encouraging for the younger generation. The Tuensang audience is grateful for their service, ”he added.

Six members of Project 72 Hrs worked in Tuensang from March 26 to April 13. They painted the walls of the DC bungalow, indoor badminton stadium and Circuit House, Tuensang.

Speaking to the Morung Express, one of its members said, “The people of Tuensang were friendly and kind to us.

Even when we were working we were greeted with smiles and they showed us nods which was really encouraging for us. We have also done community service in Mon and Kiphire. We are happy that our works are appreciated.

Members of the 72 Hour Project team also mentioned that the stadium building is the tallest project they have ever worked on. They built bigger buildings like IG Stadium, but Tuensang Badminton Stadium is the tallest.

Many people flocked to the stadium to take photos and some local YouTubers were also seen making videos. One commented: “These paintings are surreal and I didn’t expect to see such beautiful paintings in our city. Well done to everyone involved. “

The recently completed beautification campaign serves to encourage the community to look at the big picture and determine what they want to help make their city a better place to live. To make their place prosper with development and improvement, it should be the collective effort of citizens.

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