A creative work of art raises awareness of the plastic menace

For visitors to Puri Beach, the sight of a 15-foot-long turtle was a visual treat to watch.

The stunning artwork made from layered plastics by Delhi-based artist Manveer Singh was a collage of 250 little plastic waste turtles with a message about the ever-increasing level of plastics in seawater.

Interestingly, visitors to the famous golden beach of Puri, who stopped for a moment and took a look at this beautiful work, also got the message about the threat that could reach a dangerous level by 2050 .

With over 5,000 people watching Manveer’s impressive work on the beach near Digabareni Point, the mythical structure depicting Olive Ridley sea turtles has a story to tell every visitor.

The artist, who won the “METIS Initiative on Plastics and Indo-Pacific Ocean 2021” residency from the Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art, explained

“Odisha has a special connection with the Olive Ridley sea turtles and its long coastline is world famous for its many mass nesting sites. However, with the level of plastic in the sea water increasing daily, my work on Puri beach today showed the tragedy that is likely to occur as baby turtles may not feel safe to go to sea once they have hatched. My work is therefore a strong message to raise awareness about pollution from plastics and how we could play our small roles in containing it. I used the mythical symbolism of Olive Ridley as its connection to the Odisha coastline is well recognized. ‘, the artist, who won the 2021 METIS initiative on plastics and the Indo-Pacific Ocean ‘Residence of the city-based Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art,’ explained.

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